We are a Melbourne-based video & digital media studio that focuses on telling architectural stories.


We Bring Your Stories to Life With Video

Red Brick Media is a digital media studio, and we focus on telling architectural stories. We chase the beautiful stories behind each project, and want to make sure the whole world knows about it, and you of course!


Some of Our Work

We’re just getting started, so that’s why this area is a little light at the moment. However, we’d love to fill it with your projects! Reach out to us to see what we can do for you.


Awesome People We’ve Worked With


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Project – Waterloo Street by DKO Architecture | © Tom Blachford


Our Services

Even though video is our focus, we offer more to help get your stories out there.

Video Production

This is our main focus, we want to make your video ideas come to life. We can help you brainstorm the video idea, write the script, film and edit. Basically, we can do it all. Reach out and let’s start brainstorming your video project.

Media + Publications

We can help you with your architecture media needs. Need to put together a media kit? Distribute your project? We can help. We also founded and manage The Design Emotive, and can help with event coverage, publishing your projects and advertising your products.


Photography Services

We also take photos, and we have a drone! Want some photos of your project under construction? Need some photos of your completed project so it can get published? Need some headshots of your practice, and maybe a team photo? Talk to us, we can help you out.

Other Cool Stuff

We can also help you with everything social media from strategy to management, website creation and basically anything that involves digital media.


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