Allow us to introduce ourselves

We’re Red Brick Media, a fresh digital media studio focusing on telling architectural stories through photography and video.

We have a background in architecture, having both a Bachelor and Master degree. With that, we understand architecture, and more importantly, we understand your (our) industry. And it isn’t just understanding architecture, we love architecture! So much so, during undergrad we started (then) @ArchitectureVictoria, which over the last four years has evolved into The Design Emotive with 50k+ followers on Instagram. We’re able to take what we’ve learnt during architecture school and managing The Design Emotive, and apply it to the work we do here.


Meet Anthony

Anthony Richardson | Red Brick Media | Melbourne architecture photographer | Melbourne architecture video film

We’re not big on titles, so we use this loosely. Anthony founded Red Brick Media in early 2019 after leaving full-time employment with an architecture media company, wanting to “do his own thing”.

Anthony holds a Master of Architecture from the Melbourne School of Design, but decided to pursue the media side of architecture upon graduating. He discovered over the course of his studies that he was more drawn to the sharing of architecture, than actually designing the architecture itself. Back in undergrad, Anthony started That Architecture Student, a blog where he shared the ups and down of being an architecture student.

In April of 2015, whilst sitting in the architecture studio at Deakin, Anthony created an account on Instagram, @ArchitectureVictoria. He started this as a way to share architecture, and over time it has grown and evolved, and now is known as The Design Emotive.

This desire to share architecture led to Anthony purchasing a Canon 80D with a kit lens, and travelling through Japan for a few weeks in 2016, shooting on auto. A few months later he flicked the dial over to manual, took a lot of terrible photos, but began to understand how it all worked. On a road-trip to Uluru, whilst driving the A37 Sturt Highway, something clicked in his mind and he knew, architecture photography and video was something he wanted to do.

In July of 2018, Anthony upgraded his camera to the Sony A7RIII, taking a leap and making a statement at least to himself, that he wanted to take his architecture photography and video to the next level.