Allow us to introduce ourselves

We’re Red Brick Media, a fresh digital media studio focusing on telling architectural stories through video. We help you get eyes on your project, idea or product. We make content to move your audience and create impact.

In other words, we bring your stories to life with video.

We have a background in architecture, having both a Bachelor and Master degree. With that, we understand architecture, and more importantly, we understand your (our) industry. And it isn’t just understanding architecture, we love architecture! So much so, during undergrad we started (then) @ArchitectureVictoria, which over the last four years has evolved into The Design Emotive with 46k+ followers on Instagram. We’re able to take what we’ve learnt during architecture school and managing The Design Emotive, and apply it to the work we do here.

We’re more than video, we also do photography, publication work and social media. Whatever digital content you need, we can deliver.


Have a video idea? Reach out to us!