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Getting published is vital for architects, and as the gents over at BowerBird say, “Architect’s don’t market, they get published.” With such a mantra vibrating through an industry, it’s crucial for architects to not only get published, but to better understand the process. This is where BowerBird’s podcast, “How to get your architecture published” comes in handy. It’s a 17-episode podcast, totalling just over 4 hours, or 14 minutes average an episode, where they go in-depth on what the hosts, Nic Granleese and Ben Morgan, have learnt. “But why should I spend 4 hours listening to them talk…” you ask? Well, let me explain why you should.

Nic Granleese is a former architect come architectural photographer, having his photography published all over the world, both in print and digital. He was an early adopter of social media from a business sense, and has paid attention to the evolution. He is also a co-founder of BowerBird, along with Ben Morgan… Speaking of Ben, he has an architectural journalist background, having worked for InDesign as well as plenty of freelancing, he has worked with the City of Melbourne and Open Houses Melbourne creating content, devising strategies and other fancy things. Basically, these gents have impressive backgrounds, and a passion for sharing architecture, and they have shared that with you, in a podcast format.


For transparency sake, I would call Nic and Ben “mates”, and they have helped me a lot during my own personal architecture media journey. I also use BowerBird extensively to source projects for The Design Emotive. However, I am not being paid, nor did they ask for me to write this post about their podcast. I just wanted to make this clear, there is no bias here.


As someone who operates in the architecture media realm, I have listened to this podcast around four times and still continue to find value with each listen. While I’m not their primary target audience, it goes to show the value of their content. What exactly do they cover in the podcast… Over the 14 episodic season they discuss things like mistakes architects make with media, how to and why create a media kit for architecture, who are involved in architectural media and the purpose of getting your architecture published. They also go in depth about architectural photography, and how to engage a photographer, which makes sense given Nic’s background. They even get specific, giving ideas on how to name your project, as “Brunswick House” may not be the best name, storytelling techniques and they dive in exclusivities. I don’t want to do the whole ‘infomercial’ thing, but wait, there’s more… Actually there is more, but instead of mentioning, I just suggest you check out their podcast, you can find it here;

Doing what I do every day, I’ve came across practices that not only understand the importance of media and getting published, but they’ve also spent time making this tangible. A lot of the time this translate through a well put together media kit, but you can also see where they’re getting published. It really sucks seeing a practice who has a great project, but it has barely been published. Now of course there may be a myriad of reasons, but one potentially being that their media strategy is lacking. If you don’t have a strategy or plan for your project, it will affect your business. Even Aleesha Callahan, Editor at InDesign Live said something similar in our interview blog post, “…don’t do a machine gun drop to every person you can think of as a first approach. Target particular publications first and you will more than likely get a better result.”

The world of architecture media and getting your projects published may seem vast and scary. There are so many publications out there, with The Design Emotive obviously being the best one ever, and it can feel overwhelming and daunting. There are so many things to think about and consider, and you can do too little, or even go too far and overthink things. Thankfully, Nic and Ben decided one day to sit in a room all day and share all their thoughts, knowledge and experience with a microphone.

You can listen to the podcast here;


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